In the event monitoring module of Cloud Monitor, you can subscribe to system events related to data development of E-MapReduce (EMR) to monitor the status of core components in an EMR cluster.

The following table lists event codes and the description of each event code.
Event code Description Event type
EMR-110401002 The workflow is completed. FLOW
EMR-110401003 The workflow is submitted. FLOW
EMR-110401004 The job is submitted. FLOW
EMR-110401005 The workflow node is started. FLOW
EMR-110401006 The status of the workflow node is checked. FLOW
EMR-110401007 The workflow node is completed. FLOW
EMR-110401008 The workflow node is stopped. FLOW
EMR-110401009 The workflow node is canceled. FLOW
EMR-110401010 The workflow is canceled. FLOW
EMR-110401011 The workflow is restarted. FLOW
EMR-110401012 The workflow is resumed. FLOW
EMR-110401013 The workflow is paused. FLOW
EMR-110401014 The workflow is stopped. FLOW
EMR-110401015 The workflow node failed. FLOW
EMR-110401016 The job failed. FLOW
EMR-210401001 The workflow failed. FLOW
EMR-210401003 The start time for the workflow node has been exceeded. FLOW
EMR-210401004 The start time for the job has been exceeded. FLOW