This topic provides answers to some frequently asked questions about the billing of E-MapReduce (EMR) clusters.

Why do I still receive renewal notifications after I renew my cluster?

Cause: You are charged for the EMR service and the Elastic Compute Service (ECS) instances that are deployed in your cluster. If you renew only the ECS instances, you can still receive renewal notifications for the EMR service.

Solution: Go to the Cluster Overview page for your EMR cluster. Choose Renewal > Renewal in the upper-right corner. On the page that appears, renew the EMR service. For more information, see Renewal.

Do EMR clusters support auto-renewal?

Yes, EMR clusters support auto-renewal. Both of the EMR service and ECS instances can be automatically renewed. For more information, see Renewal.

Can I apply for a refund for my subscription EMR cluster?

Yes, you can submit a ticket to apply for a refund for your subscription cluster.