This topic describes the release notes for Alibaba Cloud Dynamic Route for CDN (DCDN) and provides links to the relevant references.


Feature Description Release date References
Health check URL for DDoS mitigation The health check URL is added. Anti-DDoS accesses the specified URL at regular intervals to check whether the origin server can be accessed, and then sends the result to DCDN. DCDN switches the traffic to Anti-DDoS only if the URL passes the health check, and the threshold value of queries per second (QPS) is reached. 2022-01 Configure DDoS mitigation


Feature Description Release date References
TCP multiplexing TCP multiplexing for IP Application Accelerator is supported. If the average size of a response is less than 5 KB, you can enable TCP multiplexing for IP Application Accelerator to improve network performance. 2021-12 TCP multiplexing
Chinese cryptographic algorithm Commercial Chinese cryptographic algorithms are supported to provide more secure transmission over HTTPS. Enable ShangMi for HTTPS
CNAME configuration wizard If the CNAME Status parameter that is displayed on the Domain Names page is Pending configuration, the CNAME Configuration Guide tooltip appears when you move the pointer over the CNAME Status column. This helps you map the domain name to the CNAME. Add a CNAME record for a domain name
New operations report feature
  • The operations report can be disabled.
  • Data query is supported. Popular Referer Headers, Popular URLs, Popular Back-to-origin URLs, and Top Client IPs can be ranked by traffic or by request.
Create a custom operations report and a tracking task
Real-time logs The real-time log feature is supported. This feature allows you to collect logs that are generated by nodes in real time and deliver the collected logs to Log Service for storage and consumption. This helps you monitor and identify service issues in an efficient manner. 2021-11 Overview
Console layout A new console layout is provided to help you manage and quickly access feature modules. 2021-10 /
EdgeScript EdgeScript (ES) is supported. This feature allows you to customize DCDN configurations by running scripts if the standard configurations in the DCDN console cannot meet your business requirements. 2021-09 EdgeScript overview
Region blacklist The region blacklist feature is added. This feature allows you to block malicious requests that are frequently initiated from specific regions. Configure a region blacklist or whitelist
Rate limiting The rate limiting feature is used to block malicious requests and improve the security of your website. This feature helps you protect your website from HTTP flood attacks. Configure rate limiting
IP address check The IP address check feature is supported. This feature allows you to query whether an IP address belongs to a DCDN node, and to query the region and the Internet service provider (ISP) to which an IP address belongs. 2021-08 Check IP addresses
DDoS mitigation Alibaba Cloud DCDN nodes are integrated with Anti-DDoS services to scrub network traffic. This way, DCDN can protect your website and accelerate content delivery. 2021-07 Configure DDoS mitigation
EdgeRoutine EdgeRoutine (ER) is supported. ER is a computing environment that allows you to deploy JavaScript code on all DCDN nodes at a time. 2021-06 ER overview
Load balancing Requests are redirected to origin servers based on the performance of origin servers. If you want requests to be redirected based on the weights of origin servers, enable load balancing. This way, requests are redirected to origin servers based on the specified weights. 2021-05 Enable load balancing
Origin server weights Origin server weights are supported. If you specify multiple origin servers, you can configure the weight of each origin server. Requests are redirected to the origin servers based on weighted round robin scheduling. 2021-04 Add a domain name
Retain specified parameters Retain Specified Parameters is added to the parameter filtering feature. You can enable Retain Parameters in Back-to-origin Parameters to manage back-to-origin parameters in a precise manner. 2021-03 Configure parameter filtering
Optimization of CSS and JavaScript code for web pages This feature allows you to remove redundant content from web pages, such as comments and additional whitespace characters in HTML pages and CSS or JavaScript code. This helps reduce file sizes and accelerate content delivery. Configure HTML optimization
Operations reports The tracking task feature is added to allow you to obtain daily, weekly, or monthly reports. You can create custom tracking tasks for domain names for daily analysis based on your business requirements. This way, you can check the status of your business, simplify data processing, and improve service efficiency. 2021-02 Create a custom operations report and a tracking task
DCDN WAF DCDN is integrated with Web Application Firewall (WAF) to identify and filter out malicious requests. Only trusted requests can be redirected to origin servers. WAF can protect web servers against intrusions, secure important business data, and prevent server anomalies caused by attacks. 2021-01 Configure WAF in the DCDN console
Tag management Tag management is supported. You can use tags to mark and group domain names. This way, you can search for and manage domain names by tag. Tag overview


Feature Description Release date References
Log storage The log storage feature is supported. Log storage is integrated with OSS and DLA. This feature allows you to store the log data to Object Storage Service (OSS) and analyze the log data by using Data Lake Analytics (DLA). 2020-12 Use DLA to process and persist log data to OSS
OCSP stapling Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP) stapling is supported. OCSP stapling allows DCDN to obtain OCSP information. This reduces the latency when clients send requests to validate digital certificates, and reduces the period of time that is required to receive the validation responses. Configure OCSP stapling
Brotli compression Brotli compression is added. After Brotli compression is enabled, DCDN nodes can compress text files in formats such as HTML, JavaScript, and CSS when the nodes return the requested resources. The performance of Brotli compression is approximately 15% to 25% higher than file compression when you compress text files. Configure Brotli compression
Image editing Image editing is supported. You can resize, crop, sharpen, and rotate images, and convert image formats on DCDN nodes. 2020-11 Image editing and its benefits
SSL certificate management SSL certificate management is supported. You can update and query multiple SSL certificates at a time. You can also manage the mappings between SSL certificates and domain names, expiration time, and certificate sources. 2020-09 Configure an SSL certificate for multiple domain names
IPv6 IPv6 can be enabled in the DCDN console. You can enable dual-stack access for domain names over the IPv4 and IPv6 protocols. An IPv6 client can access DCDN over the IPv6 protocol. 2020-06 Configure IPv6


Feature Description Release date References
Real-time monitoring Performance metrics are supported. You can select important performance metrics to view monitoring charts and configure alerts. 2018-10 Real-time monitoring
WebSocket WebSocket is supported. WebSocket is a new TCP-based network protocol that allows the server to send data to the client. What is WebSocket?
Acceleration region The Global acceleration region can be selected when you add a domain name. 2018-09 Add a domain name
Official release on the International site DCDN is launched on the International site of Alibaba Cloud. 2018-08 What is DCDN?
Sequential processing of back-to-origin requests Sequential processing of back-to-origin requests is supported. You can use DCDN to retrieve resources from multiple origin servers based on the preset priorities to ensure the smooth transition across origin servers. 2018-07 None
Official release Alibaba Cloud DCDN is available for commercial use. 2018-04 What is DCDN?


Feature Description Release date References
Public preview Alibaba Cloud DCDN is in public preview. 2017-12 None