This topic describes character set tables that are supported by PolarDB.

Character sets supported by ApsaraDB PolarDB MySQL-compatible edition

Character set Character set
utf8 geostd8
gbk greek
utf8mb4 hebrew
latin1 hp8
euckr keybcs2
armscii8 koi8r
ascii koi8u
big5 latin2
binary latin5
cp1250 latin7
cp1251 macce
cp1256 macroman
cp1257 sjis
cp850 swe7
cp852 tis620
cp866 ucs2
cp932 ujis
dec8 utf16
eucjpms utf16le
gb2312 utf32

Character sets supported by ApsaraDB PolarDB PostgreSQL-compatible edition and ApsaraDB PolarDB O Edition

Character set Character set Character set
sql_ascii latin5 win866
euc_jp latin6 win874
euc_cn latin7 win1250
euc_kr latin8 win1251
euc_tw latin9 win1252
euc_jis_2004 latin10 win1253
utf8 koi8r win1254
mule_internal koi8u win1255
latin1 iso_8859_5 win1256
latin2 iso_8859_6 win1257
latin3 iso_8859_7 win1258
latin4 iso_8859_8