IoT Platform allows devices to upload files by using HTTP/2 channels to the Alibaba Cloud IoT Platform server for storage. After files are uploaded, you can manage the files in the IoT Platform console. For example, you can download or delete the files.


  • A device is connected to IoT Platform.

    For information about how to develop a device SDK, see the Link SDK documentation.

  • The feature of file upload by using HTTP/2 channels is configured on the device.


  1. Log on to the IoT Platform console.
  2. In the left-side navigation pane, choose Devices > Devices. On the Devices page, find the device that you want to manage and click View in the Actions column.
    Device file management
  3. On the Device Details page, click the Manage Files tab.

    On the Manage Files tab, you can view the files that are uploaded by the device by using HTTP/2 channels.

    Note Each Alibaba Cloud account has a file storage capacity of 1 GB on the IoT Platform server. Each device can upload up to 1,000 files.
    Device file management
    The following table describes the operations that you can perform on an uploaded file.
    Action Description
    Download Download the file to your on-premises device.
    Delete Delete the file.
    In addition to file management in the console, you can also query or delete files by calling API operations. For more information, see QueryDeviceFileList, QueryDeviceFile, and DeleteDeviceFile.