This topic describes how to deploy an SAG-1000 device.

The procedure to deploy an SAG-1000 device is as follows:1000 Process
You can purchase SAG-1000 devices in the Smart Access Gateway (SAG) console. For more information, see Purchase an SAG device. After you receive the device, you must start, activate, and configure it and set up network connections to connect the device to Alibaba Cloud.
  1. Activate the device and associate it with the SAG instance. For more information, see Activate an SAG device and Add a device.
  2. Optional. Assign roles to the device ports. For more information, see Assign a role to a port.
  3. Connect the device to your private network. For more information, see Descriptions of SAG-1000.
  4. Configure the device in the web console. For more information, see Web configurations for an SAG-1000 device.
  5. Select a method to advertise routes to Alibaba Cloud. For more information, see Advertise routes to Alibaba Cloud.
  6. Associate the SAG instance with a Cloud Connect Network (CCN) instance. For more information, see Associate with an SAG instance or Attach a network.
  7. You can check the connectivity status in the SAG console.check 1000 control