You can call this API to delete an account of the instance. The instance to which the account belongs to must be in Running status.

Note The required parameters in this operation contain private data such as passwords. For your data security, you must call this operation over HTTPS.

Request parameters

Name Type Required Description
<Common request parameters> - - For more information, see Common parameters.
Action String Yes Required parameter, and the value is DeleteAccount.
InstanceId String Yes The ID of the instance.
AccountName String Yes The name of the account, which must be unique and meet the following requirements:
  • It must start with a letter.
  • It can contain lowercase letters, numbers, and underscores (_).
  • It must be no more than 16 characters in length.
  • For more information about invalid characters, see Prohibited keywords.

Response parameters

Name Type Description
<Common response parameters> - For more information, see Common response parameters.

Sample requests
&<[Common request parameters]>

Sample responses

XML format


JSON format

   "RequestId": "EDD052D5-DCD3-4F12-A0DC-449821B6C216"