You can add one or more iframe widgets to a project to display pages corresponding to different URLs.


  • Basic Attributes
    • Size: Set the size of the widget by adjusting its width and height.
    • Position: Set the position of the widget by adjusting its abscissa and ordinate.
    • Others: Set the rotation angle and opacity of the widget.
  • URL Link: You can enter or paste the URL of the page displayed on the widget.
    Note We recommend that you specify the HTTP or HTTPS. An HTTPS cannot be used to visit the iframe with an HTTP URL. Cross-domain must be supported for the URL.
  • Close Button: If you select this option, a Close button is displayed in the right corner of the preview or publish page. To close a web page, click Close.


url: URL of the page that is displayed on the widget. The URL set here corresponds to the URL you set for URL Link. If you set a URL in both the configuration and data panes, the URL set for URL takes priority.


To enable the interaction function, select Enable. For more information about how to configure the interaction, see Configure callback IDs for ticker boards.