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Invite and unlink an account

Last Updated: Oct 11, 2021

Invite an account Prerequisites:

  1. An enterprise name is specified for the main account. The main account must have a credit control identity activated and cannot be a distributor account. If not, contact CBM to submit an application to appl.
  2. You cannot invite accounts that have a trusteeship. You cannot invite accounts such as distributor and virtual network operator (VNO) accounts.
  3. The main account and the account to be linked must have the same enterprise name.
  4. When you establish a trusteeship, the available credit of the linked account must be equal to or greater than zero. Ensure the account to be linked does not have the following items:
    Pending payments or unpaid orders
    Renewal that is taking effect or not in effect
    Temporary upgrade operations that are taking effect or not in effect
  5. The same account manager must be set for the main account and the account to be linked.



When you establish a trusteeship between two accounts, we recommend that the account to be linked has no available resources. After the trusteeship is removed, no refund is provided for the original resources in the linked account.


  1. After logging in to the main account, click the Account Linking menu and then click the Invite Account button on the page, as shown in the following figure:


2.Fill in the account to be invited, and set a nickname. Click the Next button:


3.Check Trusteeship in Policy and click the Next button:


If the invited account cannot meet invitation conditions, a message will remind you Trusteeship is not available. For specific invitation rules, see the preceding prerequisites.


4.You have sent an invitation to the account:


5.After the invitation is sent, please log in the sub account to the user center to confirm the corresponding invitation. After confirmation, the sub account is successfully added to the trusteeship


1.The linked account cannot have overdue payments.
2.The linked account cannot have unpaid, pending, renewal, or temporary upgrade orders.
If such orders exist, cancel or pay for the orders before proceeding.
3.The linked account must have optional payment methods other than credit control.



1.On the Account Linking page, click Unlink.


2.A confirmation dialog box for unlinking appears.


3.After reviewing the information, select “I have carefully read the information, and am aware of the risks mentioned above”.
If conditions for trusteeship removal are not met, you will be prompted the operation failed.


After the trusteeship is removed, corresponding resources will be transferred back to the linked account, but the monetary value of the resources will not be transferred. Once the trusteeship is removed, the refund amount for resources in the linked account is zero. Therefore, you must claim refunds for resources in the linked account before the trusteeship is removed.