Data Security Center (DSC) can scan a large amount of data for sensitive data to help you obtain the security status of your data assets in real time.


DSC helps you meet compliance requirements for personal information protection and security audit in cloud computing, as specified in Baseline for Classified Protection of Cybersecurity 2.0.


DSC fully leverages its advantages as a cloud-native service and integrates with a variety of data assets on Alibaba Cloud to provide integrated data protection and defense services. DSC supports the most common cloud data storage services for both structured and unstructured data, such as Object Storage Service (OSS), ApsaraDB RDS, DRDS, PolarDB, Tablestore, MaxCompute, and self-managed databases hosted on Elastic Compute Service (ECS) instances.


DSC uses big data technologies, machine learning capabilities, and intelligent algorithms to detect and monitor sensitive data, high-risk activities such as anomalous data access, and potential data leaks. In addition, DSC provides suggestions on how to resolve detected issues.


DSC visualizes the results of sensitive data detection. This allows you to obtain a clear view of the security status of your data assets. DSC dynamically displays data assets and allows you to query data assets in a visualized way. You can find sensitive data in a large amount of data with a few clicks.