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Create an application

Last Updated: May 19, 2021

To use mPaaS, you must first create an app in the mPaaS console and download a configuration file.


You have a developer account. For details about registering an account, see Register accounts.

Create an mPaaS app

  1. Log on to the mPaaS console.

    Note: If you are using mPaaS on another platform (such as the Ant Financial open platform), log on to the mPaaS console of the corresponding platform.
  2. Click the Create mPaaS app button.

  3. Complete the app information.

    1. Enter the app name. Example: mPaaS Demo.

    2. Click + to upload the app icon. You can skip this step, and the app will use the default icon in this case.

  4. Click OK to finish creating the app. The app list, which contains the app that you just created, appears.

Download the configuration file

  1. On the app list page, click the name of the created app (such as the mPaaS Demo app created in the previous step), and the following page appears:
    • The app name appears at the top left, where you can switch apps.
    • The right side of the page displays a list of component services provided by mPaaS.The console app details page
  2. Click to go to the Configure App page.
  3. On the Configure App page, click to go to the Code Configuration page. Configure the app
  4. On the code configuration page, enter Bundle ID, click the Download configuration button, and download the app configuration file in .config format to the local computer for subsequent development.

    The content of the downloaded configuration file is in JSON format, as shown in the following example:
    1. {
    2. "appId":"11111111111",
    3. "appKey":"11111111111_IOS",
    4. "base64Code":"xxxxxxx",
    5. "bundleId":"211111111111",
    6. "rootPath":"mpaas/ios/11111111111-default",
    7. "workspaceId":"default",
    8. "rpcGW":"",
    9. "mpaasapi":"",
    10. "pushGW":"",
    11. "pushPort":"443",
    12. "logGW":"",
    13. "syncport":"443",
    14. "syncserver":""
    15. }