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Last Updated: May 08, 2021

You can conveniently integrate the function of Mobile Delivery Service to your client by installing the client SDK provided by the Mobile Delivery Service platform. MDS works as follows:

  1. Add the corresponding SDK on the client side to integrate MDS capabilities for upgrade package, hotpatch package or offline package.
  2. Generate version upgrade package, hotpatch package, or offline package by using the mPaaS plugin, and upload the package to the Mobile Delivery Service console.
  3. Create gray release or official release tasks on the MDS console.
  4. Then the client pulls the new release package to perform upgrade, hotfix or update offline package.

In addition, you can use the switch configuration service to modify the client-side code processing logic. To do it, you need to add necessary switch configuration items on the Mobile Delivery Service console to implement targeted delivery.

Operation flow

The following chart illustrates the flow of releasing a version upgrade package, hotpatch package or offline package in real time.


Operations on console

You can perform the following operations on the Mobile Delivery Service console: