This topic describes how to activate Short Message Service (SMS) to help you get started with it.

Step 1: Create an Alibaba Cloud account

  1. Create and log on to an Alibaba Cloud account. For more information, visit the official website of Alibaba Cloud.
  2. Make sure that your account is an enterprise account.
  3. Make sure that you have bound a credit card or PayPal account to your Alibaba Cloud account.
  4. Create an AccessKey pair. For more information, see Create an AccessKey pair.

Step 2: Activate SMS

  1. Log on to the SMS console and activate the service. For more information, visit the SMS console.
  2. Purchase a resource plan before you use the service. For more information, visit the buy page.
    Notice SMS provides only subscription resource plans.

Step 3: Configure text message settings

  1. Configure message templates to meet the requirements of different scenarios. You can use variables in a message template.
  2. Specify a Message Service (MNS) queue or an HTTP URL to receive SMS delivery reports.
  3. Configure the sending frequency and alert thresholds of text messages. Alert thresholds include daily alert thresholds and monthly alert thresholds.

Step 4: Download SMS SDKs and debug APIs

  1. Download SMS SDKs for the required programming language. Java, PHP, C#, Python, and Node.js are supported. For more information, see SDK overview.

  2. Download the SDK package to the local directory of your project. Then, configure the SDK based on the sample code provides by SMS.