This topic describes how to restore VMware virtual machines (VMs) from images to an on-premises vCenter Server in the Hybrid Backup Recovery (HBR) console.


A VMware VM is backed up. For more information, see Back up VMware VM images.

Background information

  • Alibaba Cloud continually updates Hybrid Backup Recovery to support more regions. You can log on to the HBR console to view the supported regions.
  • After you back up the image of a VMware VM, you can use the HBR console to restore the image to an on-premises vCenter Server in the case of VMware VM failure to ensure business continuity.
  • The on-premises VMware VM backup feature of HBR 1.0.13 and later versions allow you to manage backup and restore jobs in the HBR console. If you have configured on-premises backup plans, re-configure them in the HBR console.


  1. Log on to the HBR console.
  2. In the left-side navigation pane, choose Backup > On-Premises Backup.
  3. In the top navigation bar, select the region where the VMware VM resides.
  4. On the On-Premises Backup page, click VMware VM.
  5. Click the Backups tab.
  6. On the Backups tab, find the backup plan and click Restore in the Actions column.
  7. In the Create Restore Job panel, set the parameters in the Virtual Machine, Location, Computer, Storage , Network, and Confirm and Execute steps. After you set the parameters, click Create.
    After the restore job is created, you can view information of the job on the Restore Jobs tab. The information includes the status of the job and the volume of data that is restored.