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Coupons item component

Last Updated: May 25, 2021

The coupon entry component is used to display the coupon entry including the coupon icon, title, and auxiliary description.

Sample images



For how to add dependency, follow the relevant instructions in Quick Start.

Sample code

  1. AUCouponsItem couponsItem1 = new AUCouponsItem(this);
  2. couponsItem1.setCouponsInfo("小标题","100元代金券","");
  3. couponsItem1.getCouponsImage().setImageResource(R.drawable.image);
  4. AUCouponsItem couponsItem2 = new AUCouponsItem(this);
  5. couponsItem2.setCouponsInfo("","100元代金券","副标题非必填");
  6. AUCouponsItem couponsItem3 = new AUCouponsItem(this);
  7. couponsItem3.setCouponsInfo("小标题","100元代金券","");
  8. couponsItem3.setCouponsAssitDes("483米有门店");
  9. couponsItem3.getCouponsImage().setImageResource(R.drawable.image);