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TabBar item component

Last Updated: May 25, 2021

AUTabBarItem is used to provide TabBar items in the mPaaS framework.

Sample image


For how to add dependency, follow the relevant instructions in Quick Start.

Custom properties

Property Description Type
topIconSid The icon. Reference
topIconSize The icon size. Dimension
textColor The text color. Color, Reference

Code sample

Here is the sample of using the component in XML.

  1. <
  2. android:id="@+id/tab_2"
  3. android:layout_width="0dp"
  4. android:layout_height="wrap_content"
  5. android:layout_weight="1"
  6. android:text="Koubei"
  7. android:textSize="@dimen/AU_ICONSIZE2"
  8. app:topIconSize="@dimen/AU_ICONSIZE2"
  9. app:topIconSid="@drawable/tab_bar_alipay"
  10. app:textColor="@color/tabbar_text_color1"/>