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Last Updated: Feb 05, 2021

Under the mPaaS MINI account, there are not only user’s private information, but also a lot of money. Therefore, account security is very important. To eliminate user concerns, the creation of a sense of security is very important. As a service provider, you must ensure that the services and applications you provide are secure and controllable.

Information masking

Many applications and services require to fill in or display the user’s private information, such as account name, password, mobile phone number, ID card number, bank card number, etc. Such information should be masked during display and input in order to hide a portion of information instead of completely exposing it. In this way, users will find that you are protecting their information and they will feel safe.


Input prompt

When the user is required to input sensitive information, they shall be clearly informed of the purpose of the information, thus eliminating the user’s concerns.



Show authority

If the service is provided through authoritative channel and it is not widely known online, you can show users the authority that the channel already has in order to quickly win their trust and eliminate their concerns.



Operation controllable

Always keep in mind that it is the user who controls the application, not the application who controls the user, and do not summarily make decisions for the user.

Good design should be trustworthy and easy to believe. When asking the user to perform an action, try to help them understand why this operation is necessary. Each step should be described honestly and clearly in order to build trust. In addition, the trust should be accumulated and improved step by step and bit by bit.

The basis for building trust is that users have their own control.

Double confirmation

To make users feel that they are control the application themselves, some familiar and predictable interaction elements should be used for the application. At the same time, when the user performs a destructive operation, a double confirmation is provided to avoid irreparable damage.


Let the user be the master

You can advise on a range of user behaviors and warn about actions that may have serious consequences, but don’t make decisions for users. A good design will strike a balance between allowing the user to make decision and avoiding unwanted results.

Users are used to taking control of their app usage experience. Some users are even beginning to pursue customized experiences and apps that meet their specific needs. Therefore, you should respect the user’s right to choose, which is applicable to even the most minor option, such as switches for notification system.