This topic describes how to delete image data. After you delete image data, the stored image feature information is deleted, but the instance resources are not released.

Background information

This topic describes four methods that you can use to delete image data. You can delete image data by calling API operations, using SDKs, performing batch operations, and using the console. Use SDKs if you need to delete a small number of images in real time. Perform batch operations if you need to delete large-scale images by using a task. Use the console if you need to delete all the images in your instance at a time.

Use the console

  1. Log on to the Image Search console.
  2. Select the service type and click the name of your instance.
  3. In the Basic Information section on the Overview tab, click Clear Images in the upper-right corner.
    Clear images
  4. In the dialog box that appears, click Get Verification Code. Enter the verification code that you receive.
  5. Click OK.
    Note After you submit the request, the instance is in the Resetting state. After all the images are cleared, the instance status changes to Running. Then, you can use the Image Search instance.

Call API operations

In this method, you can send requests over HTTP or HTTPS to access Image Search, and you must be authenticated based on a signature mechanism. The request body must be sent in a specified format. If you delete images by calling API operations, the default queries per second (QPS) is 20. For more information, see Delete images.

Use SDKs

Image Search provides SDKs of multiple versions. If you use SDKs, you do not need to concern yourself with issues such as signature verification and compliance with the format of the request body. If you need to delete a small number of images in real time, we recommend that you use this method. If you delete images by using SDKs, the default QPS is 20. For more information, see SDK reference.

Perform batch operations

You can use the batch operation feature in the Image Search console to delete the images from the instance at a time. This method applies to scenarios where you need to delete millions of images by using a task. For more information, see Perform batch operations.