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API test

Last Updated: Mar 31, 2021

You can test whether the functionality of the current API is intact by using the API test function. To perform API test, you must complete relevant configuration on the API test page.


  1. Select the Manage API tab, and then click Show more > API test right to a specific API in the API list to open the following page:


  2. On the API Test page, configure the following configuration:
    • Request path: The gateway address of the workspace where the current App is. For example, the public address of mPaaS MGS is
      Note: The address must contain /mgw.htm, otherwise, the request might fail.
    • Request parameter: It simulates the data that conforms to the request parameter format by default, you can adjust it according to the business meaning, or add request header on demand.
    • Header: You can add Request Header as needed.
  3. Click Test, and the request’s execution result appears on the right as follows:
    • Response body: The response data returned by business.
    • Response header: Include gateway protocol and the response header returned by business.
      • Result-Status: See Gateway result codes for more information.
      • Mgw-TraceId: TraceId of the request, link analysis is executed based on it.