This topic lists the instance status of the ApsaraDB for MongoDB instances.

Instance state Description
Creating Creating
DBInstanceClassChanging Changing the instance configuration
DBInstanceNetTypeChanging Switching the network type
Deleting Deleting
EngineVersionUpgrading Upgrading the engine
GuardSwitching DR switching
HASwitching Primary/secondary switching
Importing Importing data
ImportingFromOthers Importing a database
LinkSwitching Link switching
MinorVersionUpgrading Upgrade to a minor version
NET_CREATING Creating a network connection
NET_DELETING Deleting a network connection
NodeCreating Creating a node in an instance
NodeDeleting Deleting a node in an instance
Rebooting Restarting
Restoring Recovering data from a back up
Running Running
SSLModifying Changing SSL
TempDBInstanceCreating Creating Temporary instances
Transing Migrating
TransingToOthers Migrating a database