The Enterprise Distributed Application Service (EDAS) API provides services at the bottom layer over HTTP. When you call an EDAS API operation, an HTTP request is first sent to the OpenAPI Developer Portal. Then, the OpenAPI Developer Portal forwards the request to the backend service of EDAS. You can encapsulate parameters in each request. Each request corresponds to a method. The execution result is put into a response.

Notice Internet access is required to use the EDAS API because the OpenAPI Developer Portal provides services over the Internet. Otherwise, an error that indicates a service connection failure is reported.

You can call the EDAS API by following the instructions provided in one of the following topics:

  • Guide of using EDAS SDK for Java to call the API
  • Guide of using EDAS SDK for Python to call the EDAS API
  • Guide of using Alibaba Cloud CLI to call the EDAS API
  • OpenAPI Developer Portal: OpenAPI Developer Portal is a web-based GUI tool for calling APIs and can be used in scenarios such as debugging and troubleshooting. You can use the OpenAPI Developer Portal to retrieve available EDAS API operations and view the definition of each API operation. This helps you find EDAS API operations faster and conduct secondary development.
    Notice When you perform operations on the OpenAPI Developer Portal, the corresponding EDAS API operations are called to manage cloud resources within your account. Therefore, to protect the production security of your online services, exercise caution when you call the API operations for writing data. These API operations include those for deleting applications and unbinding Server Load Balancer (SLB) instances. To use the OpenAPI Developer Portal to call EDAS API operations, activate EDAS first. Otherwise, errors such as invalid user are reported.