Based on Alibaba Cloud’s exclusive transcoding technology, Narrowband HDTM1.0 intelligently analyzes each scenario, action, content, and texture of a video to ensure a lower bit rate and bandwidth cost to a certain extend with the same video quality.

Use a workflow to trigger Narrowband HDTM1.0 based transcoding.

  1. Activate MPS.
  2. Set the Input/Output Media Bucket.
  3. Set a workflow, and select NarrowbandHD Template Presets on the Transcode node (The template name ends with NarrowBandHD ).

    For more information about workflow configuration, see Library quick start guide.

  4. Upload a media file. For more information, see Library quick start guide.

Use an API to trigger Narrowband HDTM 1.0 based transcoding.

When using the transcoding task submission API SubmitJobs, set TemplateId in Output to ID of the preset Narrowband HD template.

Use the console to create a transcoding task to trigger Narrowband HDTM 1.0 based transcoding

When Submitting a transcoding task, select the Narrowband HDTM 1.0 transcoding template.