TSDB database instance provides the cloud tenant database state monitoring, backup, automatic anomaly alert capabilities, which can free the user from some database operation work. You can monitor the three major performance indexes of the instances: the number of datapoints written per second, the number of time series, and the disk usage rate.


Note The steps for monitoring these three indexes are the same. Therefore, this document illustrates by using the number of datapoints written per second as an example.
  1. On the Instances page in the TSDB console, click Monitor in the Actions column of the instance.
  2. In upper-right corner of the Instance Monitoring page, select the time period of which you want to view the statistics, and then click Query.
    • The time periods that you can specify for the query are: recent one hour, recent six hours, recent one day, recent six days, and recent 14 days.
    • A built-in health check is running on the data writing and reading capabilities of the TSDB instances, therefore, a test datapoint is written every 10 seconds. Even if you do not write any data, the system writes an average of 0.1 datapoint per second.
    • The query result is displayed in a coordinate graph. The X-axis is the time, and the Y-axis is the index value (metric value). To view the index value of a specific time point in the graph, move the cursor to that point.