This topic describes the billing of Bastionhost. Bastionhost supports only the subscription billing method. You can purchase a bastion host that runs the Basic or HA edition to use its security features such O&M, audit, and management.

Billing cycle

The billing cycle starts from the date that you purchase your bastion host and ends on the date that your bastion host expires.

Billing rule

Monthly subscription fee × Subscription duration in month


You are charged for your bastion host based on the number of assets that the bastion host can manage. The following table describes the specifications that you must specify to purchase a bastion host. We recommend that you purchase a bastion host based on the number of assets that you want to manage. Different specifications within the same edition provide the same functionalities. The following list describes the specifications:
  • Number of assets: the number of server assets that a bastion host can manage.
  • Number of concurrent sessions: the number of O&M sessions that O&M personnel can initiate in a bastion host. O&M sessions refer to SSH- and RDP-based remote connections.

    For example, if 20 O&M personnel are employed, and each of them initiates 5 sessions on average. In this case, 100 concurrent sessions are initiated in total. This example is for reference only. You must calculate the number of concurrent sessions based on your business requirements.

  • HA and Basic editions:
    • HA edition: Bastionhost can run in dual-engine mode. This mode provides enhanced stability and reliability. When Bastionhost runs as normal, the two engines work at the same time. This improves the O&M efficiency. If a single point of failure (SPOF) occurs, Bastionhost automatically switches between the two engines. This ensures business continuity. The HA edition uses higher specifications and provides higher performance. This edition ensures efficient and stable O&M on 1,000 or more assets.
    • Basic edition: Bastionhost can run only in single-engine mode. In this mode, you can perform O&M and audit operations.
  • Public bandwidth: After you specify the number of assets, the public bandwidth of the bastion host is automatically configured. For more information, see the Product specifications column in the following table. If the bandwidth cannot meet your business requirements, you can configure Extra Bandwidth. The following list describes the Extra Bandwidth parameter:
    • Value range:10 Mbit/s to 500 Mbit/s
    • Increment:10 Mbit/s
    • Price: For more information, see the following table.
  • Duration: You can purchase a bastion host for one of the following time periods:
    • One month, three months, and six months
    • One year, two years, and three years
Billable item Specification Number of concurrent sessions Service specification Price in China (Hong Kong), Singapore (Singapore), Australia (Sydney), Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur), Indonesia (Jakarta), Japan (Tokyo), Germany (Frankfurt), UK (London), US (Virginia), US (Silicon Valley), and India (Mumbai) Price in China (Shanghai), China (Shenzhen), China (Qingdao), China (Beijing), China (Hohhot), and China (Chengdu) Price in UAE (Dubai)
Basic fee Basic edition 50 assets 50
  • Bandwidth: 8 Mbit/s
  • Storage: 1 TB
USD 400 per month USD 250 per month USD 750 per month
100 assets 100 USD 600 per month USD 400 per month USD 1,000 per month
200 assets 100 USD 700 per month USD 550 per month USD 1,300 per month
500 assets 500
  • Bandwidth: 16 Mbit/s
  • Storage: 2 TB
USD 1,100 per month USD 800 per month USD 2,000 per month
HA edition 50 assets 50
  • Bandwidth: 12 Mbit/s
  • Storage: 2 TB
USD 700 per month USD 400 per month Not supported
100 assets 100 USD 1,000 per month USD 700 per month Not supported
200 assets 100 USD 1,300 per month USD 950 per month Not supported
500 assets 500
  • Bandwidth: 24 Mbit/s
  • Storage: 3 TB
USD 1,900 per month USD 1,400 per month Not supported
1,000 assets 1,000 USD 3,900 per month USD 2,500 per month Not supported
2,000 assets 1,000 USD 6,000 per month USD 4,000 per month Not supported
5,000 assets 2,000
  • Bandwidth: 48 Mbit/s
  • Storage: 4 TB
USD 8,800 per month USD 5,800 per month Not supported
Extra bandwidth Increment: 10 Mbit/s N/A N/A USD 15 per Mbit/s per month USD 12 per Mbit/s per month


If you do not renew your bastion host after it expires, the bastion host no longer provides services. If you do not renew your bastion host within the grace period of seven days, the bastion host is released. In this case, the configuration data and audit logs of the bastion host are deleted.


Bastionhost does not provide a money-back guarantee.


Purchase a bastion host.