After log data is shipped from Log Service to Object Storage Service (OSS), the log data can be stored in different formats. This topic describes the JSON format.

When you configure a shipping rule, you can select json for Storage Format. The following table describes the OSS bucket directories that can be generated if you select json. For more information about how to specify the storage format, see Configure a data shipping rule.

Compression type File extension Directory example Description
Uncompressed None oss://oss-shipper-shenzhen/ecs_test/2016/01/26/20/54_1453812893059571256_937 You can download the JSON files that are not compressed to your computer and open the files as text files. The following example is a sample file:
{"__time__":1453809242,"__topic__":"","__source__":"10.170.***.***","ip":"10.200.**.***","time":"26/Jan/2016:19:54:02 +0800","url":"POST
snappy .snappy oss://oss-shipper-shenzhen/ecs_test/2016/01/26/20/54_1453812893059571256_937.snappy For more information about how to decompress the files that are compressed by using the Snappy utility, see Decompression tools for Snappy-compressed files.