During routine MaxCompute usage, you must browse and manage metadata (including tables, functions, and resources) of projects. The following describes how to browse and manage metadata using MaxCompute Studio.

  • Add a project connection.  For more information, see Add connections. Add a MaxCompute project connection in the Project Explorer window of MaxCompute.  After the connectivity test is successful, the added project node tree can be viewed.
  • View the table list and schema . For more information, see Browse meta . Expand Tables & Views in Project to view the table and view lists. Expand a specific table to view the column and type.
  • Query the function code.  Expand Functions to view the function list. Expand a specific function to view the method signature. Double-click the function to view the decompiled source code.
  • View the sample data of a downloaded table. For more information, see Import and export table data. Double-click a table to view the detailed schema. In the Data  Preview window, right-click Export Grid   Data or right-click a table name and select Export to preview sample data.
  • Update node metadata. For example, if a column is added to a table, right-click the table and select Refresh  Meta or click Refresh on the toolbar to view the added column.  If tables are added in a project, select Tables  & Views and click Refresh on the toolbar to view the newly created tables.
  • Perform the DDL operation on tables:. The deletion operation can be performed in batches. Right-click the selected table and select Delete table from  server.  Table addition and edition cannot be performed on the interface. You can compile corresponding DDL statements in the editor to complete table addition and edition.