This is the AnalyticDB for PostgreSQL Quick Start. AnalyticDB for PostgreSQL is a distributed database service that provides massively parallel processing (MPP) capabilities. By completing the operations in this guide, you will learn how to use the console to create and manage AnalyticDB for PostgreSQL instances.

If you use AnalyticDB for PostgreSQL for the first time, we recommend that you read the following topics first:
  • Overview: provides an overview of AnalyticDB for PostgreSQL and describes its features and scenarios.
  • Pricing: describes the pricing and billing methods of AnalyticDB for PostgreSQL.
  • Instance specifications: describes how to select appropriate specifications for your AnalyticDB for PostgreSQL instances.

To use AnalyticDB for PostgreSQL, you must perform the following operations:

  1. Create an instance.
  2. Configure an IP address whitelist.
  3. Create a database account.
  4. Use client tools to connect to an instance.