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Release a hotpatch

Last Updated: Aug 16, 2021

Hotpatch refers to the process of fixing online problems by modifying code instead of releasing a version. The hotpatch management page is the background for fixing urgent client problems. On this page, you can create release tasks and perform multi-dimensional hotpatch configuration.

About this task

On the hotpatch management page, you need to complete the following operations:

  1. Add a hotpatch: Add the hotpactch package on the mPaaS console.
  2. Release a hotpatch package: According to best practices, you need to complete three release tasks for a hotpatch package: whitelist gray release, time-window gray release, and official release.
    Note: If a code defect occurs in the process of releasing a hotpatch package, you can roll back the release.
  3. Manage a release task: Involves modifying, pausing, and ending a release task.

A hotpatch package can be either an Android or an iOS hotpatch package. For Android clients, only one hotpatch package is allowed for one version. If two problems are found in a version of the Android client, you should merge the hotpatch packages for the two problems into one, and then upload the merged hotpatch package.

Add a hotpatch

  1. Log in to the mPaaS console, and choose Mobile Delivery Service > Hotpatch management in the left-side navigation pane. The hotpatch release list is displayed.

  2. Click Add hotpatch resource, and complete hotpatch configuration in the Add hotpatch resource dialog box.

    Note: For Android platforms, Target version in this dialog box refers to the version number of the Portal package.

  3. In the hotpatch resource list, click the expand button () left to the specified hotpatch to view the release tasks of the hotpatch package.


    • If a hotpatch package has never been released, it does not have any release tasks and remains in “To be released” state. A hotpatch resource can have only one valid release task at a time.
    • If a hotpatch package has been released, it has release tasks and remains in the release status defined in the latest release task.

Release a hotpatch package

  1. In the hotpatch resource list, click Create a release task right to the specified hotpatch to add a release task.
  2. In the Create a release task window, complete the following settings. set task type, release type, release model, whitelist configuration, and advanced rule, and then click OK.

    • Task type: Includes Official task and Rollback task.
      • Official task: Apllicable to normal hotpatch packages.
      • Rollback task: Roll back the release when a code defect occurs when releasing a hotpatch package. The release type for Rollback task is fixed to Official release.
    • Release type: Includes Gray release and Official release.
    • Release model: For Gray release only. Includes Whitelist and Time window.
      • If choosing Whitelist, you need to choose the preconfigured whitelist in the Whitelist configuration field. For details about whitelist configuration, see Whitelist management.
      • If choosing Time window, you need to set End time and Users count.
    • Advanced rule: For Gray release only. Set advanced rules to filter target users by multiple criteria, such as by city, mobile phone model, network, and device system version. The resource values are configured in Resource configuration management.
  3. Click OK.

Manage a release task

In the hotpatch resource list, you can click Modify, Pause, or End on the right of a release task of a specified hotpatch resource as required.

  • Modify a task: You can modify the task information.
  • Pause a task: You can continue a paused task.
  • End a task: You cannot continue a ended task.