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Last Updated: Oct 14, 2021

Mobile Delivery Service (MDS) is one of the core components of the Mobile PaaS (mPaaS) platform. MDS allows you to manage and deliver version upgrade packages, hotfix packages, offline HTML5 packages and to manage switch configurations, whitelists, and release rules.

After MDS is integrated into your client, you can generate a package with the mPaaS plug-in, and then deliver the package on the mPaaS MDS console. The client receives the package and then starts upgrade. In addition, MDS supports gray release based on whitelists. You can also use advanced filtering rules to make the gray release more accurate, for example, by specifying a mobile phone model.


  • Gray release

    Before formal release, release the package to some of the users (for example, to internal staff only) by means of whitelist to test and validate the functionality of the new package. You can also use time window to release the new package to a specified number of users within the specified time period. If the package works as expected, you can then release the package to all the users.

  • Advanced filtering

    When configuring gray release, you can define the targeted users more accurately by using advanced rules. For example, you can send the package only to users of MI phones. If multiple filtering rules are used, the package will be sent to the users meeting all the rules.

  • Real-time rollback

    Only available in Hotpatch. Despite of gray release, problems may arise after formal release. If this happens, you can use the real-time rollback feature to revert the package to the previous version.

  • Custom signature verification

    To ensure security, MDS provides a custom signature verification procedure for hotfixes to ensure the correctness of script source. The mPaaS plug-in allows you to generate a hotfix resource package and sign the package.


  • Manages release of multiple products and tasks in multiple dimensions

    Upgrade packages, hotfix packages, and HTML5 offline packages can be released.

  • Supports intelligent gray release and multiple upgrade policies

    Various rules in aspects of internal/external release, region, mobile phone model, and network are provided for selection.

  • Provides incremental differential offline packages for updates

    Data redundancy and bandwidth consumption are reduced. Advantages are evident especially when network conditions on the mobile end are unstable.

  • Ensures high sensitivity and availability

    The RPC API capabilities on the client are upgraded. It is 99.999% available and can be reached online within minutes.

  • Guarantees high performance

    MDS achieves a deliver reach rate of 99.999%, and supports a daily UV of more than 200 million.