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Unsupported Docker Compose labels

Last Updated: Nov 14, 2017

The Docker Compose labels that are not supported by Container Service are as follows:

buildThis label is used to build container images by using the Dockerfile and other files in the current directory.
Currently Container Service does not provide the function to build images. We recommend that you separate the building and deployment operations.
You can use image repository to build the image from the code source, or push the image built locally to the image repository. You can use the image label in the orchestration template to refer to the image in the image repository (including private repository).
dockerfileThe same as build.
env_fileCurrently Container Service does not support specifying environment variables in files. You can add environment variables by using the environment label.
mac_addressCurrently the setting of Mac address is not supported.
detachAll the images in Container Service are enabled in the detach mode, and the attach mode is not allowed.
stdin_openThe same as detach.
tty The same as detach.
extends Not supported.
networksThe network in Compose file format of version 2 allows the service container to start in the custom network, and the containers in Container Service are all in the same cross-host interconnected container network. Therefore, Container Service does not support using the networks label in Compose file format of version 2. See Cross-host interconnected container network for network management and service discovery for Container Service.