1. Log on to the CDN console.
  2. Click Domain Names.
  3. Click Add Domain Name.
  4. Enter domain name information and click Next.

    Domain Name: Set this parameter to your on-demand CDN domain name.

    Business Type: Set this parameter to Acceleration of On-demand Video/Audio.

    Origin Site Type: Set this parameter to the OSS bucket bound to the Output Media Bucket.

    Note The CDN origin site does not support the OSS bucket whose read/write permission is Private. Log on to the OSS console and verify that the read/write permission is Public-read.
  5. Review and configure the domain name.

    If your domain name has been filed, the review is quickly completed. Click Domain name configuration to go to the configuration page.

    1. Configure DNS resolution for the on-demand CDN domain CNAME.

      Configure the CNAME at the location of your DNS service provider. For more information, seeUse HiChina CNAME to access CDN, Use DNSPod CNAME to access CDN, and Use Xinnet CNAME to access CDN.

    2. Configure Back-to-source Host.

      Configure the Back-to-source Host to Origin Site Domain Name.

    3. Enable Enable Drag/Drop Playback.

      After this function is enabled, CDN allows the Alibaba Cloud Web player to play back MP4 and FLV files through drag and drop operations.

      Drag/drop playback is supported for M3U8 files even if this function is not enabled.