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Introduction to Mini Program Release

Last Updated: Nov 30, 2021

The mPaaS Mini Program Release service is intended for Mini Program developers. The service supports Mini Program encryption, switch configuration, allowlist, and release rule management functions.

After you integrate the Mini Program function into your client, you can generate a package in mPaaS Plug-in, and then deliver the package on the Mini Program Release page in the mPaaS console. The client receives the package and then performs an upgrade. The Mini Program Release service also supports canary release based on an allowlist.


  • Canary release

    Canary release is a technique to verify whether a new package is as expected before the official release by rolling out the changes to a small subset of users in the allowlist, such as internal employees. You can also perform a canary release based on a time window to release the new package to a specified number of users within a specified time period. If the package is as expected, you can roll it out to all users.

  • Advanced filtering

    During a canary release, you can use advanced rules to define a more precise allowlist of users. For example, you can send the package only to users of Xiaomi phones. You can also superimpose multiple filtering rules to deliver the package only when all the filtering rules are met.

  • Custom signature verification

    To ensure security, a custom signature verification procedure is provided to verify script sources. mPaaS Plug-in allows you to generate a resource package and sign the package.


  • Supports intelligent canary release and multiple upgrade policies

    Various rules for controlling the allowlist-based canary release and time window-based canary release are available. The rules can be set based on users, regions, models, and networks.

  • Provides incremental offline packages for updates

    Data redundancy and bandwidth consumption are reduced. Advantages are evident even when network conditions on the mobile end are unstable.

  • Ensures high sensitivity and availability

    The RPC API capabilities on the client are upgraded. This service has a 99.999% availability and can be reached online within minutes.

  • Guarantees high performance

    The Mini Program Release service is 99.999% available and can be accessed by over 200 million unique visitors per day.