The following tables list API operations available for use in Virtual Private Cloud (VPC).

VPC management

API Description
CreateVpc Creates a VPC.
DeleteVpc Deletes a VPC.
DescribeVpcs Queries VPCs in a region.
ModifyVpcAttribute Modifies the name and description of a VPC.
DescribeVpcAttribute Queries detailed information about a VPC.
GrantInstanceToCen Grants permissions to a Cloud Enterprise Network (CEN) instance.
RevokeInstanceFromCen Revokes the permissions from a network instance that is attached to a CEN instance.
DisableVpcClassicLink Disables ClassicLink for a VPC.
EnableVpcClassicLink Enables ClassicLink for a VPC.
DeletionProtection Enables deletion protection for an instance.
AssociateVpcCidrBlock Adds a secondary IPv4 CIDR block to a VPC.
UnassociateVpcCidrBlock Deletes a secondary IPv4 CIDR block from a VPC.
DescribeGrantRulesToCen Queries the permissions that allow you to attach a network instance to a CEN instance that belongs to another Alibaba Cloud account. The network instance can be a VPC, a virtual border router (VBR), or a Cloud Connect Network (CCN) instance.
MoveResourceGroup Modifies the resource group to which a cloud resource belongs.

vRouter management

API Description
DescribeVRouters Queries vRouters in a region.
ModifyVRouterAttribute Modifies the name and description of a vRouter.

vSwitch management

API Description
CreateVSwitch Creates a vSwitch.
DeleteVSwitch Deletes a vSwitch.
DescribeVSwitches Queries vSwitches in a VPC.
ModifyVSwitchAttribute Modifies the name and description of a vSwitch.
DescribeVSwitchAttributes Queries detailed information about a vSwitch.

Route table management

API Description
CreateRouteEntry Creates a custom route entry in the route table of a vRouter or a VBR.
DeleteRouteEntry Deletes a custom route entry from a route table.
CreateRouteTable Creates a custom route table.
AssociateRouteTable Associates a custom route table with a vSwitch in the same VPC.
DeleteRouteTable Deletes a custom route table.
DescribeRouteTableList Queries the list of route tables.
ModifyRouteTableAttributes Modifies the name and description of a route table.
UnassociateRouteTable Disassociates a route table from a vSwitch.
ModifyRouteEntry Modifies the name of a custom route entry.
DescribeRouteEntryList Queries information about route entries in a route table.

DHCP options set management

API Description
CreateDhcpOptionsSet Creates a DHCP options set.
AttachDhcpOptionsSetToVpc Associates a DHCP options set with a VPC.
DetachDhcpOptionsSetFromVpc Disassociates a DHCP options set from a VPC.
ReplaceVpcDhcpOptionsSet Modifies the association of a DHCP options set with a VPC.
GetDhcpOptionsSet Queries a DHCP options set.
ListDhcpOptionsSets Queries DHCP options sets.
UpdateDhcpOptionsSetAttribute Modifies the configuration information about a DHCP options set.
DeleteDhcpOptionsSet Deletes a DHCP options set.

Flow log management

API Description
CreateFlowLog Creates a flow log.
ModifyFlowLogAttribute Modifies the name and description of a flow log.
DescribeFlowLogs Queries flow logs.
ActiveFlowLog Enables flow logs. After flow logs are enabled, traffic information about a resource is captured.
DeactiveFlowLog Disables flow logs. After flow logs are disabled, traffic information about a resource is no longer captured.
DeleteFlowLog Deletes a flow log.

Network ACL management

API Description
CreateNetworkAcl Creates a network access control list (ACL).
AssociateNetworkAcl Associates a network ACL with a vSwitch.
ModifyNetworkAclAttributes Modifies the attributes of a network ACL.
DescribeNetworkAcls Queries network ACLs.
UpdateNetworkAclEntries Updates the rules of a network ACL.
DescribeNetworkAclAttributes Queries details about a network ACL.
UnassociateNetworkAcl Disassociates a network ACL from a vSwitch.
CopyNetworkAclEntries Copies rules of a network ACL.
DeleteNetworkAcl Deletes a network ACL.

HAVIP management

API Description
CreateHaVip Creates a high-availability virtual IP address (HAVIP).
DescribeHaVips Queries HAVIPs in a region.
AssociateHaVip Associates an HAVIP with an Elastic Compute Service (ECS) instance in a VPC.
UnassociateHaVip Disassociates an HAVIP from an ECS instance in a VPC.
ModifyHaVipAttribute Modifies the name and description of an HAVIP.
DeleteHaVip Deletes an HAVIP.

Tag management

API Description
TagResources Creates tags and adds them to a resource.
ListTagResources Queries tags that are added to one or more instances.
UnTagResources Removes tags from resources.

EIP management

API Description
AllocateEipAddress Applies for an elastic IP address (EIP).
AllocateEipAddressPro Applies for a specific EIP.
AllocateEipSegmentAddress Applies for contiguous EIPs.
AssociateEipAddress Associates an EIP with a cloud resource that is deployed in the same region.
UnassociateEipAddress Disassociates an EIP from a cloud resource.
DescribeEipAddresses Queries EIPs in a region.
DescribeEipSegment Queries contiguous EIP groups.
ModifyEipAddressAttribute Modifies the name, description, and maximum bandwidth value of an EIP.
ReleaseEipAddress Releases an EIP.
ReleaseEipSegmentAddress Releases contiguous EIPs.
DescribeEipMonitorData Queries monitoring information about an EIP.
DescribeEipGatewayInfo Queries information about the gateway and subnet mask of an EIP.

Express Connect circuit management

API Description
CancelPhysicalConnection Cancels an Express Connect circuit.
DescribePhysicalConnections Queries Express Connect circuits in a region.
ModifyPhysicalConnectionAttribute Modifies the configuration of an Express Connect circuit.
TerminatePhysicalConnection Disables an Express Connect circuit after it is enabled.
EnablePhysicalConnection Enables an Express Connect circuit that is in the Confirmed state.
DeletePhysicalConnection Deletes a connection over an Express Connect circuit.
DescribeAccessPoints Queries the access points of an Express Connect circuit in a specific region.
ApplyPhysicalConnectionLOA Applies for letter of authorization (LOA) for an Express Connect circuit.
CompletePhysicalConnectionLOA Generates a report for an installed Express Connect circuit.
CreatePhysicalConnectionOccupancyOrder Creates an order for resource occupation of one or more Express Connect circuits.
CreatePhysicalConnectionSetupOrder Creates an order for initial installation of an Express Connect circuit.
DescribePhysicalConnectionLOA Queries LOA information about an Express Connect circuit.

VBR management

API Description
CreateVirtualBorderRouter Creates a virtual border router (VBR).
DeleteVirtualBorderRouter Deletes a VBR.
DescribeVirtualBorderRouters Queries VBRs.
DescribeVirtualBorderRoutersForPhysicalConnection Queries VBRs that are associated with an Express Connect circuit. The VBRs can be created by the owner of the Express Connect circuit and by other Alibaba Cloud accounts.
ModifyVirtualBorderRouterAttribute Modifies the configuration of a VBR.
TerminateVirtualBorderRouter Disables a VBR.
RecoverVirtualBorderRouter Enables a disabled VBR.
AssociatePhysicalConnectionToVirtualBorderRouter Associates a VBR with an Express Connect circuit.
UnassociatePhysicalConnectionFromVirtualBorderRouter Disassociates a VBR from an Express Connect circuit.


API Description
CreateBgpGroup Creates a Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) group for a VBR.
DescribeBgpGroups Queries BGP groups in a region.
ModifyBgpGroupAttribute Modifies the configuration of a BGP group.
DeleteBgpGroup Deletes a BGP group.
CreateBgpPeer Adds a BGP peer to a BGP group.
DescribeBgpPeers Queries BGP peers in a region.
DeleteBgpPeer Deletes a BGP peer.
AddBgpNetwork Advertises a BGP network.
DeleteBgpNetwork Deletes an advertised BGP network.
DescribeBgpNetworks Queries advertised BGP networks.
ModifyBgpPeerAttribute Modifies the configuration of a BGP peer.

NAT gateway management

API Description
CreateNatGateway Creates a NAT gateway.
DescribeNatGateways Queries NAT gateways in a region.
ListEnhanhcedNatGatewayAvailableZones Queries the zones that support enhanced NAT gateways.
UpdateNatGatewayNatType Upgrades a standard NAT gateway to an enhanced NAT gateway.
GetNatGatewayConvertStatus Queries the upgrade state of a NAT gateway.
ModifyNatGatewaySpec Modifies the specification of a NAT gateway.
ModifyNatGatewayAttribute Modifies the configuration of a NAT gateway.
DeleteNatGateway Deletes a NAT gateway.
CreateForwardEntry Adds a DNAT entry to a DNAT table.
DescribeForwardTableEntries Queries DNAT entries.
ModifyForwardEntry Modifies a DNAT entry.
DeleteForwardEntry Deletes a DNAT entry.
CreateSnatEntry Adds an SNAT entry to an SNAT table.
DescribeSnatTableEntries Queries SNAT entries.
ModifySnatEntry Modifies an SNAT entry.
DeleteSnatEntry Deletes an SNAT entry.
ConvertBandwidthPackage Converts a NAT bandwidth plan to an EIP bandwidth plan.
EnableNatGatewayEcsMetric Enables ECS traffic monitoring.
ListNatGatewayEcsMetric Views the traffic monitoring data of a NAT gateway.
DisableNatGatewayEcsMetric Disables traffic monitoring for an ECS instance.

VPN gateway management

API Description
CreateVpnGateway Creates a VPN gateway.
DescribeVpnGateways Queries VPN gateways in a region.
ModifyVpnGatewayAttribute Modifies the name and description of a VPN gateway.
DeleteVpnGateway Deletes a VPN gateway.
CreateCustomerGateway Creates a customer gateway.
DescribeCustomerGateways Queries customer gateways in a region.
DescribeCustomerGateway Queries details of a customer gateway.
DeleteCustomerGateway Deletes a customer gateway.
ModifyCustomerGatewayAttribute Modifies the name and description of a customer gateway.
CreateVpnConnection Creates an IPsec-VPN connection.
DescribeVpnConnections Queries IPsec-VPN connections.
DescribeVpnConnection Queries the details of an IPsec-VPN connection.
ModifyVpnConnectionAttribute Modifies the configuration of an IPsec-VPN connection.
DeleteVpnConnection Deletes an IPsec-VPN connection.
DownloadVpnConnectionConfig Queries the configuration of an IPsec-VPN connection.
CreateSslVpnServer Creates an SSL-VPN server.
DescribeSslVpnServers Queries SSL-VPN servers.
DeleteSslVpnServer Deletes an SSL-VPN server.
ModifySslVpnServer Modifies the configuration of an SSL-VPN server.
CreateSslVpnClientCert Creates an SSL-VPN client certificate.
DescribeSslVpnClientCerts Queries SSL-VPN client certificates.
DeleteSslVpnClientCert Deletes an SSL-VPN client certificate.
ModifySslVpnClientCert Modifies the name of an SSL-VPN client certificate.
DescribeVpnGateway Queries details of a VPN gateway.
DeleteVpnPbrRouteEntry Deletes a policy-based route from a VPN gateway.
DeleteVpnRouteEntry Deletes a destination-based route entry from a VPN gateway.
CreateVpnPbrRouteEntry Creates a policy-based route entry for a VPN gateway.
DescribeVpnRouteEntries Queries destination-based route entries of a VPN gateway.
ModifyVpnRouteEntryWeight Modifies the weight of a destination-based route of a VPN gateway.
PublishVpnRouteEntry Advertises a VPN route to a VPC.
DescribeVpnPbrRouteEntries Queries policy-based route entries of a VPN gateway.
ModifyVpnPbrRouteEntryWeight Modifies the weight of a policy-based route entry of a VPN gateway.
CreateVpnRouteEntry Creates a destination-based route entry for a VPN gateway.
DescribeVpnSslServerLogs Queries the logs of an SSL-VPN server.
DescribeSslVpnClientCert Queries details of an SSL-VPN client certificate.

EIP bandwidth plan management

API Description
AddCommonBandwidthPackageIp Associates an EIP with an EIP bandwidth plan.
CreateCommonBandwidthPackage Creates an EIP bandwidth plan.
DeleteCommonBandwidthPackage Deletes an EIP bandwidth plan.
DescribeCommonBandwidthPackages Queries EIP bandwidth plans in a specific region.
ModifyCommonBandwidthPackageAttribute Modifies the name and description of an EIP bandwidth plan.
ModifyCommonBandwidthPackageSpec Modifies the maximum bandwidth of an EIP bandwidth plan.
RemoveCommonBandwidthPackageIp Removes an EIP from an EIP bandwidth plan.
CancelCommonBandwidthPackageIpBandwidth Removes the bandwidth limit configured for an EIP that is associated with an EIP bandwidth plan.
ModifyCommonBandwidthPackageIpBandwidth Sets a bandwidth limit for an EIP that is associated with an EIP bandwidth plan.

Region management

API Description
DescribeRegions Queries regions.
DescribeZones Queries zones within a region.