Reads the data in a specified time series.

Request syntax

message GetTimeseriesDataRequest {
  required string table_name = 1;
  required TimeseriesKey time_series_key = 2;
  optional int64 begin_time = 3;
  optional int64 end_time = 4;
  optional int64 specific_time = 5;
  optional bytes token = 6;
  optional int32 limit = 7;
Parameter Type Required Description
table_name string Yes The name of the time series table.
time_series_key TimeseriesKey Yes The identifier of the time series.
begin_time int64 No The start of the time range to read.
end_time int64 No The end of the time range to read.
specific_time int64 No The specific point in time of the time series data that you want to read.
token bytes No The token that is used to read the remaining data.
limit int32 No The maximum number of rows to return.

Response syntax

message GetTimeseriesDataResponse {
  required bytes rows_data = 1;
  optional bytes next_token = 2;
Parameter Type Description
rows_data bytes The rows of time series data that are returned.
next_token bytes The token that is used to read the remaining data.