AnalyticDB for PostgreSQL released the diagnostics and optimization feature on September 30, 2021. This feature allows you to view slow SQL queries and SQL distribution statistics in the console.

Release date

September 30, 2021


AnalyticDB for PostgreSQL V6.3.5.2 instances and later.

Note For more information about how to view and update the minor engine version, see Query the minor engine version and Upgrade the engine version.


AnalyticDB for PostgreSQL provides the Diagnosis and Optimization feature to allow the following operations:

  • View slow queries

    You can analyze SQL queries executed within a specific time range, view execution plan details, and identify root causes of slow SQL queries.

  • SQL distribution statistics

    You can view the proportions of SQL queries by using dimensions such as databases, SQL types, SQL execution durations, and users within a specific time range.