PolarDB for MySQL provides the following editions: Cluster Edition, Single Node, and Archive Database. This topic describes the Single Node Edition.


PolarDB for MySQL of the Single Node Edition uses nodes of the burstable performance type. All clusters of the Single Node edition share the resources in a computing resource pool. This improves computing resource usage. The architecture of Single Node also saves resource costs because no proxy is required. Similar to Cluster Edition, dynamic expansion of storage capacity in PolarDB for MySQL of the Single Node Edition does not affect your services. You are charged for the storage that you use. PolarDB clusters of the Single Node Edition do not require log synchronization. This reduces the overhead that is generated when redo logs are parsed or synchronized, and improves performance.


PolarDB for MySQL of the Single Node Edition is a highly recommended cost-effective service for individual users who need to test and learn about database services. This edition is suitable for startups in the early development stage of their applications.

Supported kernel versions

Single Node supports three kernel versions: PolarDB for MySQL V5.6, V5.7, and V8.0.

Node specifications and pricing

Single Node supports only the node specification of 4-Core 8 GB (Burstable Performance). For more information, see Billable items.