PolarDB for MySQL provides the following editions: Cluster Edition, Single Node, and Archive Database. This topic describes the Cluster Edition Edition.


PolarDB for MySQL of the Cluster Edition Edition is developed based on an architecture in which compute is decoupled from storage. The number of compute nodes can be increased from 2 to a maximum of 16. All compute nodes are dedicated nodes. This way, resources are isolated among the nodes. The compute nodes comprise the PolarDB for MySQL database engine layer. On the top of the database engine layer, the database proxy PolarProxy is deployed to provide features such as read/write splitting and load balancing. PolarDB for MySQL PolarProxy provides 2 to 10 cluster endpoints. The dynamic expansion of storage capacity in PolarDB for MySQL of the Cluster Edition Edition does not affect your services. Each cluster supports a maximum of 100 TB storage. You are charged for the storage that you use. For more information, see Storage pricing. PolarDB of the Cluster Edition Edition allows you to distribute data across multiple zones, and supports zone-level disaster recovery. If a zone becomes unavailable, you can switch database services to another zone within minutes. For more information, see Multi-zone deployment. PolarDB for MySQL of the Cluster Edition Edition allows you to scale a cluster by adding or removing multiple nodes. Approximately 5 minutes are required to scale out a cluster by adding nodes. The scale-out operation does not affect your services. For more information, see Add or remove read-only nodes.

For more information about Cluster Edition, see Architecture.


The Cluster Edition Edition is the main edition that is recommended in PolarDB for MySQL. This edition provides features such as fast data backup, data restoration, and global database network (GDN) deployment for free. It also provides enterprise-grade features, such as elastic scaling and acceleration of parallel queries. We recommend that you use this edition in production environments.

Supported kernel versions

Cluster Edition supports the following kernel versions: PolarDB for MySQL V5.6, V5.7, and V8.0.

Node specifications and pricing

Cluster Edition supports eight Dedicated node specifications. For more information, see Billable items.