You can analyze logs of Dynamic Route for CDN (DCDN) to locate and resolve issues. This improves the overall performance of your DCDN service. This topic describes the log management feature of DCDN.

The following table lists the log operations that you can perform.
Operation Description
Download offline logs If failures or attacks occur when you use DCDN to accelerate content delivery for your domain names, you can analyze the logs to troubleshoot these issues.
Enable log storage DCDN automatically stores logs in a specified Object Storage Service (OSS) bucket, which allows you to store logs for an extended period of time. Then, you can use Data Lake Analytics (DLA) to analyze the logs.
Real-time log Real-time log delivery can help you troubleshoot issues that may occur when you use Alibaba Cloud DCDN to accelerate content delivery for your domain names. You can also use the collected logs to analyze access statistics.