DataV is an Alibaba Cloud data visualization service that allows you to analyze and present large and complex data sets as visual dashboards. DataV aims to bring the experience of data visualization to a wider audience and help less-experienced engineers build professional visual applications through an intuitive graphical interface. DataV can fulfill your data presentation requirements in scenarios such as conference and exhibitions, business monitoring, risk warning, and geographic information analysis.

Background information

DataV displays complex and dynamic business data in a more lively and user-friendly way than traditional charts and data dashboards, and delivers real-time insights to drive rapid, informed decisions. DataV can be used in a variety of industries including retail, transportation, logistics, electric power, water conservation, and environmental protection. DataV provides interactive data dashboards to enable easy identification and diagnosis of business problems and has become an essential part of big data solutions.

When creating a visualization project, you may encounter the following challenges:
  • You are unfamiliar with how to use data visualization tools and lack experience.
  • It is time-consuming and requires a lot of effort to develop charts and visual effects.
  • Necessary widgets or tools for presenting and analyzing non-traditional data such as spatio-temporal or relational data are not accessible or available for use.
  • The tools that you use have resolution problems when presenting data on large screens.
  • The tools that you use cannot properly present data visualizations for big data analysis.

Why DataV?

DataV enables you to:
  • Develop data visualization projects similar to those used for the Tmall Double 11 Shopping Festival and Alibaba Cloud City Brain.

    DataV provides a variety of visual tools to present data in a wide range of scenarios.

  • Use high-performance 3D rendering engines.

    DataV incorporates game-level 3D rendering capabilities into geographic displays. It uses GPUs to render large volumes of data and provide low-cost, reusable 3D visualizations for fields such as smart city, smart traffic, security monitoring, and business intelligence.

  • Use a wide variety of charts and widgets.

    DataV provides a wide variety of basic and third-party chart libraries to build professional visualizations.

  • Build professional geographic visualization projects.

    DataV allows you to overlay geographical data and plot effects such as geographical trajectories, geographical flying lines, heatmaps, regional chunks, and 3D globes.

  • Create visualization projects from templates designed for different industries.

    DataV provides dozens of customized data templates for different industries to better suit your business.

  • Connect and display a wide range of data sources.

    DataV supports Alibaba Cloud AnalyticDB, ApsaraDB for RDS, local CVS files, online APIs, and can send requests to data sources dynamically.

  • Build visualization projects easily.

    DataV requires minimal programming skills and allows you to create professional visualization projects with simple drag-and-drop operations.

  • Flexibly deploy and publish visualization projects.

    DataV visualization projects can be adapted and split in many non-conventional configurations. You can publish projects with password or token authentication to implement access control and secure information shown on the dashboards.