Kafka is a distributed messaging system that features a high throughput and horizontal scalability. It is widely used for message publishing and subscription. Serving as open-source software, Kafka helps you build a Kafka cluster as required.

Log Service is a log platform service developed based on Apsara Distributed File System. It supports real-time collection, storage, distribution, and query of various types of logs. It provides external services by using the standard Restful API.

LogHub of Log Service provides public channels for log collection and distribution. You can use LogHub if you do not want to build or maintain a Kafka cluster.

Concept Kafka LogHub
Storage object Topic Logstore
Horizontal partitioning Partition Shard
Data consumption position Offset Cursor

Feature comparison

Feature Kafka LogHub
Dependency On-premises or shared Kafka cluster Log Service
Communications protocol TCP HTTP (Restful API) and port 80
Access control None Signature authentication and access control based on cloud accounts
Dynamic scaling None Auto scaling of shards, which can be dynamically merged or split without any impact on users
Multi-tenant QoS None Shard-based standard throttling
Number of data replicas Customizable Three replicas by default and not customizable
Failover or replication Completed by using a tool Automatically completed, which is imperceptible to users
Scaling or upgrade Completed by using a tool, which affects services Imperceptible to users
Write mode Round robin or key hash Round robin or key hash
Current consumption position Stored in ZooKeeper of the Kafka cluster Maintained on the server, which does not require your intervention
Data retention period Specified in the configuration Changed dynamically based on requirements