Object Storage Service (OSS) throttles bandwidth and queries per second (QPS) throttling when you upload data to and download data from OSS.

You can use ossutil to run the probe command to check network conditions. For more information, see probe.

Item Description
Bandwidth Default bandwidth limit: 10 Gbit/s in mainland China regions and 5 Gbit/s in regions outside mainland China. If this limit is reached, requests are throttled.
Note When a request is throttled, the response to the request contains the x-oss-qos-delay-time: number header in which number indicates the duration over which the request is throttled. Unit: ms. For upload requests, the exact duration over which a request is throttled is returned. For download requests, the estimated duration over which a request is throttled is returned. The duration is estimated based on the extent of throttling and the downloaded object size.

If you require a higher bandwidth (10 Gbit/s to 100 Gbit/s) for your business such as big data offline processing, contact technical support.

Queries per second (QPS) The limit of the total QPS for a single account is 10,000. The actual values that can be achieved are different in the different read and write modes:
  • Sequential read and write: 2,000

    If you use sequential prefixes such as timestamps or alphabetical letters in the names of large numbers of objects, multiple object indexes may be stored in a single partition. In this case, when you send a large number of requests to query these objects, latency may increase. We recommend that when you upload a large number of objects, do not use sequential prefixes in the names of the objects. For more information about how to change sequential prefixes to random prefixes, see OSS performance and scalability best practices.

  • Non-sequential read and write: 10,000

If you require a higher QPS, contact technical support.