This topic describes the release notes for Alibaba Cloud Elastic Desktop Service (EDS) and provides links to the relevant references.

August 2021

Feature Description References
Client access
  • Browser clients and mobile clients are added. Mobile clients are classified into iOS clients and Android clients.
  • Windows 7 (64-bit) and Windows 10 clients are supported. macOS 10.13 or later clients are supported.
  • Alibaba Cloud EDS devices that function as hardware clients are supported.
Security policy
  • The image display quality of Windows cloud desktops can be configured.
  • The following features are added: security group control, domain whitelists and blacklists, and client IP whitelists.
  • The preemption policy is optimized. Other regular users are not allowed to log on to the same cloud desktop when a regular user is logged on.
Policy overview
Shared storage NAS The Performance storage type is added. Create a NAS file system
Internet access
  • The subscription billing method is supported for the bandwidth. You are charged for the bandwidth based on the pay-by-bandwidth metering method.
  • If you are charged for the bandwidth based on the pay-by-data-transfer metering method, the Internet access feature can be terminated or restored at any time.
  • The traffic usage of an Internet access package or a single cloud desktop can be queried.
Manage Internet access
Desktop configurations
  • The subscription period of one week is added when you purchase a subscription cloud desktop.
  • Desktop disk specifications can be flexibly changed.
Image A system disk snapshot can be used to create a custom image. Create an image by using a snapshot
New region EDS is available in the Singapore (Singapore) region. Regions

May 2021

Feature Description References
Service upgrade EDS is upgraded after it incorporates the technology of Wuying to provide an office system that is more secure, efficient, and convenient. What is Alibaba Cloud EDS?
Secure office network The network security architecture is upgraded, and cloud desktop resources can be scheduled across zones. This way, resource security is ensured, and sufficient resources are provided. Network architecture
Internet access The Internet can be accessed from a cloud desktop by using bandwidth. Manage Internet access
Shared storage NAS The Apsara File Storage NAS (NAS) system is integrated to function as shared storage that provides fast sharing and collaborative working capabilities. Create a NAS file system
Convenience user The convenience account system is added to meet requirements in scenarios in which Active Directory (AD) cannot be used and simplify operations. Create a convenience user
Security protection The security protection feature is added to defend against viruses, and scan and handle vulnerabilities. This feature helps improve desktop security. Enable security protection

November 2020

Feature Description References
EDS EDS is in public preview. EDS provides enterprise grade and end-to-end solutions to protect your data security.
  • Secure access gateways are added to isolate desktop networks and client networks. This way, you can connect to cloud desktops in a more convenient and secure manner.
  • The AD connector feature is added to support enterprise AD systems. This provides enterprise grade management for your cloud desktops.
  • Standard desktop specifications are provided to simplify the purchase procedure. This helps improve efficiency.
What is Alibaba Cloud EDS?