ER only supports the pay-as-you-go billing method. This topic describes billing details of ER.

Billing period

Pay-by-day: The expenditure on each day is deducted at UTC 00:00:00 on the following day.

Billing standards

The prices for different routine specifications are slightly different, as shown in the following table.
Specification (unit: ms) Price per 1,000,000 calls (USD)
5 1
50 3
100 5
  • All requests for domain names associated with ER are processed in ER and billed.
  • ER is a value-added service that is billed based on the number of calls. Billable items such as traffic, bandwidth, number of requests, and real-time logs or value-added services continue to be billed based on your original billing methods.


You create two ERs: ER A has a specification of 50 ms and ER B has a specification of 100 ms. On January 1, 2021, ER A was called and executed 1 million times, and ER B was called and executed 2 million times.

ER fee on January 1, 2021: USD 3/1,000,000 × 1,000,000 + USD 5/1,000,000 × 2,000,000 = USD 13

The fee incurred on January 1, 2021 was deducted at UTC 00:00:00 on January 2, 2021.