This topic describes how to view and manage data layers.

On the Data Layer page, you can perform the following operations.Data Layer
  • View the basic information about data layers

    You can view the basic information about all data layers that are created. The information includes the name, feature description, and owner of each data layer and the time when each data layer was last modified. This way, you can understand all data layers that are planned for your data warehouse and store different data tables at appropriate data layers.

  • View the detailed information about a data layer

    You can click a data layer to go to the details page of the data layer. In the Basic Information section of the details page, you can view the following information about the data layer: Name, Display Name, Owner, Created By, Created At, Last Modified By, and Last Modified At. You can also click Edit in the upper-right corner of the Basic Information section to modify information about the data layer based on your business requirements.

    • By default, the values of the Created By and Last Modified By parameters for a data layer that is created by the system are the owner of the current workspace.
    • You can modify or delete the data layers that are created by the system.
    Detailed information about a data layer
  • Modify the basic information about a data layer

    You can click the Modify icon of a data layer to modify the basic information about the data layer.

  • Delete a data layer
    You can click the Delete icon of a data layer to delete the data layer.
    Note If the data layer that you want to delete stores data tables, you must delete the tables first.