This topic describes the environment requirements and limits of container monitoring.


  • Version: 1.12 or later
  • Runtime environment:
    • Alibaba Cloud Container Service for Kubernetes (ACK)
    • Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS)
    • Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)
    • Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE)
    • Self-managed Kubernetes cluster
Notice Serverless Kubernetes clusters are not supported.


Architecture: x86 64-bit

Memory: 4 GB or more recommended, in which at least 300 MB is reserved

CPU: 2 cores or more recommended, in which at least 0.3 core is reserved

Kernel versions of operating systems:

  • Alibaba Cloud Linux
    • linux 4.19.91-23.al7.x86_64
    • linux 4.19.91-22.2.al7.x86_64
    • linux 4.19.91-22.1.al7.x86_64
    • linux 4.19.91-21.2.al7.x86_64
    • linux 4.19.91-21.al7.x86_64
    • linux 4.19.91-19.2.al7.x86_64
    • linux 4.19.91-19.1.al7.x86_64
    • linux 4.19.91-18.al7.x86_64
    • linux 4.19.81-17.2.al7.x86_64
    • linux 4.19.81-17.1.al7.x86_64
    • linux 4.19.67-16.al7.x86_64
    • linux 4.19.57-15.1.al7.x86_64
    • linux 4.19.43-13.2.al7.x86_64
    • linux 4.19.34-11.al7.x86_64
    • linux 4.19.24-9.al7.x86_64
  • Third-party Linux distributions

    linux 3.10.0-1160.15.2.el7.x86_64

Operating system distributions:

  • Centos 7.4.1708
  • Alibaba Cloud Linux 2 with the preceding kernel versions

Supported network protocols

  • HTTP/1.1
  • MySQL
  • Redis
  • Kafka

Contact us

If you have questions about how to use container monitoring, join the DingTalk group of container monitoring whose ID is 31588365 to seek technical support.