AnalyticDB for PostgreSQL provides periodic base backup and log backup to prevent data loss.


AnalyticDB for PostgreSQL uses base backup and log backup to restore instance data to a specific point in time and keep the state and data of a distributed instance consistent.

  • Base backup: backs up all data of an instance. Base backup compresses a snapshot of all instance data and stores the snapshot to offline storage media. Base backup does not block your read and write operations. The operation logs generated during the base backup operation are also backed up to ensure the integrity of base backup.
  • Log backup (also called incremental backup): backs up log files generated from an instance and stores them to offline storage media. Log files record the DML and DDL operations performed on databases.

AnalyticDB for PostgreSQL uses a full base backup and continuous log backups to restore data to new instances to a specific point in time and ensure data security within a period of time.

After the base backup data is restored, all nodes execute the data change statements recorded in the log backup files in sequence until the point in time for restoration. The point in time ensures consistency among all nodes when the data restoration of each node is complete.


The backup and restoration feature can be used in the following scenarios:

  • Instance data is lost for reasons such as accidental changes.
  • The source instance data is corrupted or unavailable.
  • An instance needs to be cloned with the same data.
  • The instance specifications except for the number of nodes need to be changed.


Data can be restored from the source instance only when the source instance has at least one backup set in the successful state.


During public preview, AnalyticDB for PostgreSQL provides the backup and restoration feature free of charge. You may be charged for this feature in the future.