This topic describes the features that are supported by Prometheus Service.

Prometheus Operator

You can install Prometheus Operator only by using a Helm chart. Relevant documentation provides the command to install the Helm chart. The command contains the version information about Prometheus Operator. For more information, see Connect a self-managed Kubernetes cluster to Prometheus Service.

Prometheus Service console

  • Provides default Kubernetes dashboards, including overview dashboards, pod dashboards, and node dashboards.


  • Allows you to create and maintain alerts by using Custom Resource Definitions (CRDs), and enable and disable CRD-based alerts by using Helm commands.
  • Allows you to create alert contacts and modify information about alert contacts.
  • Allows you to use the basic features of PagerDuty. For example, you can enable label pass-through, set severity levels for events, and configure notification for the ending of alert events.