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Get UC kernel crash log

Last Updated: Apr 02, 2021

The UC kernel is native C code, and UCCrashSDK is required for getting the UC kernel. The SDK will be installed automatically when the UC kernel component is added.

To report the kernel crash to Mobile Analysis Service backend, you need to add the corresponding receiver in the Manifest file.

  1. <receiver
  2. android:name=""
  3. android:enabled="true"
  4. android:exported="false"
  5. android:process=":tools">
  6. <intent-filter>
  7. <action android:name="${applicationId}.monitor.command"/>
  8. </intent-filter>
  9. </receiver>
  10. <receiver
  11. android:name=""
  12. android:enabled="true"
  13. android:exported="false"
  14. android:process=":push">
  15. <intent-filter>
  16. <action android:name="android.intent.action.BOOT_COMPLETED" />
  17. <action android:name="${applicationId}.push.action.CHECK" />
  18. <action android:name="${applicationId}.monitor.command" />
  19. </intent-filter>
  20. </receiver>
Note: When the UCCrashSDK is used, an authentication request will be sent to UC.Refer to Use third-party service data for more information.