Queries information about backup tasks of an ApsaraDB for Redis instance.

Note The instance must be in the standard architecture.


OpenAPI Explorer automatically calculates the signature value. For your convenience, we recommend that you call this operation in OpenAPI Explorer. OpenAPI Explorer dynamically generates the sample code of the operation for different SDKs.

Request parameters

Parameter Type Required Example Description
Action String Yes DescribeBackupTasks

The operation that you want to perform. Set the value to DescribeBackupTasks.

InstanceId String Yes r-bp1zxszhcgatnx****

The ID of the ApsaraDB for Redis instance. You can call the DescribeInstances operation to query instance IDs.

Note Only standard instances of ApsaraDB for Redis are supported. Cluster instances and read/write splitting instances are not supported.
RegionId String No cn-hangzhou

The region ID of the instance. You can call the DescribeRegions operation to query region IDs.

BackupJobId String No 1162****

The ID of the backup task.

Note After you call the CreateBackup operation to create a manual backup task, you can specify the returned backup task ID in the request of this operation to query the progress of the backup task.
JobMode String No Manual

The backup mode. Valid values:

  • Automated: automatic backup. You can call the DescribeBackupPolicy operation to query the automatic backup policy.
  • Manual: manual backup.
Note By default, the information about backup tasks in both modes is returned.

Response parameters

Parameter Type Example Description
BackupJobs Array of BackupJob

The details of the backup tasks.

BackupJobID Integer 8491111

The ID of the backup task.

BackupProgressStatus String Automated

The status of the backup task. Valid values:

  • NoStart: The backup task is not started.
  • Preparing: The backup task is being prepared.
  • Waiting: The backup task is pending.
  • Uploading: The system is uploading the backup file.
  • Checking: The system is checking the uploaded backup file.
  • Finished: The backup task is complete.
JobMode String Manual

The backup mode. Valid values:

  • Automated: automatic backup
  • Manual: manual backup
NodeId String ****

The parameter is reserved and not returned.

Process String 0

The progress of the backup task in percentage.

StartTime String 2021-01-05T19:24:00Z

The beginning time when the backup task started. The time is in the yyyy-MM-ddTHH:mm:ssZ format and displayed in UTC.

TaskAction String NormalBackupTask

The type of the backup task. Valid values:

  • TempBackupTask: The backup task was manually performed.
  • NormalBackupTask: The backup task was automatically performed.
InstanceId String r-bp1zxszhcgatnx****

The ID of the instance.

RequestId String BB73740C-23E2-4392-9DA4-2660C74C****

The ID of the request.


Sample requests

&<Common request parameters>

Sample success responses

XML format


JSON format

	"RequestId": "BB73740C-23E2-4392-9DA4-2660C74C****",
	"InstanceId": "r-bp1zxszhcgatnx****",
	"BackupJobs": [{
		"JobMode": "Automated",
		"TaskAction": "NormalBackupTask",
		"StartTime": "2021-01-05T19:24:00Z",
		"BackupProgressStatus": "NoStart",
		"Process": "0",
		"BackupJobID": 8491111

Error codes

For a list of error codes, visit the API Error Center.