MySQL AnalyticDB MySQL Description
ALTER DATABASE Not supported Modifies the attributes of a database.
ALTER EVENT Not supported Modifies one or more characteristics of an existing event.
ALTER FUNCTION Not supported The definition of the function.
ALTER LOGFILE GROUP Not supported Modifies the file group of the log.
ALTER PROCEDURE Not supported Modifies the stored procedure features.
ALTER SERVER Not supported Modifies the server information.
ALTER TABLE Supported. For more information, see ALTER TABLE.
Note Not supported:
  • Modify table or column options
  • Multi-column alters
  • Add limits
Modifies the table definition.
ALTER TABLE Partition Supported Modifies partitions of a table.
ALTER TABLESPACE Not supported Modifies tablespaces, adds new data files, or removes data files from tablespaces.
ALTER VIEW Supported Modifies the definition of the view, which must exist.
CREATE DATABASE Supported. For more information, see CREATE DATABASE.
Note Values of CHARACTER SET and COLLATE are ignored in AnalyticDB MySQL.
Creates a database.
CREATE EVENT Not supported Creates an event.
CREATE FUNCTION Not supported Creates a function.
CREATE INDEX Not supported
Note By default, Index ALL is used in AnalyticDB MySQL. Multi-column indexes and the specified [UNIQUE | FULLTEXT | SPATIAL] index type are not supported. [index_option][algorithm_option | lock_option] is ignored.
Creates an index.
CREATE LOGFILE GROUP Not supported Defines a new log file group or adds a file to an existing log file group.
CREATE PROCEDURE Not supported Defines a stored procedure.
CREATE SERVER Not supported Defines a server for the storage engine.
CREATE TABLE Supported. For more information, see CREATE TABLE. Creates a table.
CREATE TEMPORARY TABLE Not supported Creates a temporary table.
CREATE TABLE ... LIKE Supported Uses the LIKE syntax to create a table.
CREATE TABLE ... SELECT Supported. For more information, see CTAS. Uses the SELECT syntax to create a table.
FOREIGN KEY Constraints Not supported Limits foreign keys.
CREATE TABLESPACE Not supported Defines a tablespace.
CREATE TRIGGER Not supported Defines a trigger.
CREATE VIEW Supported. For more information, see CREATE VIEW. Creates a view.
DROP DATABASE Supported. For more information, see DROP DATABASE.
Note To protect data, before you delete a database from AnalyticDB MySQL, you must delete tables stored in the required database.
Deletes a database.
DROP EVENT Not supported Deletes an event.
DROP FUNCTION Not supported Deletes a function.
DROP INDEX Not supported Deletes an index.
DROP LOGFILE GROUP Not supported Deletes a log file group.
DROP PROCEDURE Not supported Deletes a stored procedure.
DROP SERVER Not supported Deletes a server.
DROP TABLE Supported Deletes one or more tables.
DROP TABLESPACE Not supported Deletes a tablespace.
DROP TRIGGER Not supported Deletes a trigger.
DROP VIEW Supported. For more information, see DROP VIEW. Deletes one or more views.
RENAME TABLE Supported Renames one or more tables.
TRUNCATE TABLE Supported Clears all rows of a table.